Capacity Building

Public sector capacity for Investment management

SEED aims to enhance capability of public sector institutes to manage investments. The programme plans to adopt innovative approaches for capacity development in the areas of project identification, appraisal, formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. SEED is specifically focusing on strengthening institutional capacity of Planning and Development Department (P&DD), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to design, appraise and monitor infrastructure-related projects.

Key Interventions

SEED has commissioned a Rapid Diagnostic Mission to review few latest infrastructure projects, identifying gaps at several stages of project appraisal and management. This exercise has been conducted with the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar. Rapid diagnosis will inform design of some specific interventions of SEED, to reduce inefficiencies and ensure better and high-quality infrastructure design, better implementation, leading to greater public investment efficiency.

SEED is also developing contemporary knowledge products to strengthen cross-cutting capacity of public sector for better project management. These knowledge products will enable capacity building on specific aspects where formal guidance lacks detail or comprehensiveness, such as management of mega-projects, monitoring and evaluation of foreign-funded projects and successfully negotiating PPP (Public Private Partnership) transactions.

In collaboration with Bureuea of Statistics (BOS), SEED is developing KP Open Data Portal as the first multisector, multidisciplinary dataset aggregator focusing specifically on KP, including data on health, education, population, industries, tourism, agriculture, environment that could be sourced from provincial line departments. This would not only bridge data gaps faced by P&DD and line departments, but would also create data solutions such as new algorithms, apps, insights, projects and enterprises that were created or reinforced by Open Data Portal.

In order to strengthen Public Private Partnership (PPP) framework, SEED is setting up a Project Development Facility, strengthening Risk Management Unit (RMU) in Finance Department of GoKP and putting in place social and environmental safeguards regimes

SEED is working with Bureuea of Statistics BOS to deploy innovative and technology-centric tools for data collections such as sub-national GDP estimation through publicly available Night lights data.

Sponsors & Stakeholders

SEED is funded by United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), and implemented by Adam Smith International Pakistan in partnership with  Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.