Knowledge management

Knowledge management, communication and analysis

Through this component SEED aims to enable and institutionalize meaningful platforms of knowledge exchange to support core interventions and contribute to overarching goal of facilitating business and investment climate of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. SEED plans to disseminate evidence-based insights and solutions as well as engage frontrunners from public and private sector, development milieu and academia to steer direction-driven dialogues to support business generation and economic growth.

Key Interventions

SEED intends to facilitate a public private dialogue - KP Business Voice – that aims to organize business community as a voice. Sector mapping exercises were completed during the inception phase, identifying 10-15 notable thought leaders, business groups’ frontrunners and public sector representatives. KP Business Voice is intended to be commissioned as KP Investment Climate Advisory Council in consultation and agreement with GoKP to the initiative as led and owned by the government

SEED has envisaged, “Minds of KP”as a loose alliance of notable business and intellectual leaders, engaging them in a conversation on economic and urban development in KP. SEED has structured Minds of KP to help inform KP’s reform agenda and SEED’s interventions to a broadbased community using widest possible participation

SEED will setup Peshawar Policy Exchange (PPE) as a virtual/physical forum designed to facilitate discussions through seminars and webinars on key policy issues facing KP Government every month. The topics of these events will be linked with SEED’s work plan and priority areas and will bring together thought leaders and practitioners on the subject. These discussions will help in taking these conversations forward and build traction around policy reforms

Sponsors & Stakeholders

SEED is funded by United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), and implemented by Adam Smith International Pakistan in partnership with  Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.